A rachael khoo wedding

It’s about the soft glow of sunlight on your veil, the euphoria as you say “I do,” and the moment you finally slip into the dress...

A Rachael Khoo Wedding goes beyond just delivering photos.
It’s a signature storytelling experience, capturing moments that deserve to be relived time and again.

Our signature style draws from high-end fashion and old-world romance, blending effortless editorial flair with genuine emotions of the day. 

Signature style

Gentle direction

Relaxed approach

For most, it’s their first time being professionally photographed. Don’t worry, we gently guide you and capture each moment to ensure you look your best.

With us, there will always be laughter and cheerful, emoji-filled emails. By your wedding day, you'll enjoy being photographed by a friend

" With a focus on human connection, Rachael seamlessly blends editorial sophistication with genuine emotion."


she said yes

Your wedding is one of life's most significant milestones, too important to leave to chance.

Every Rachael Khoo Wedding is based on the belief that the best photos come from a friend who just happens to be a professional. We take the time to build a warm, friendly connection with you, ensuring that when your big day arrives, it feels natural and effortless. This genuine friendship allows us to capture your most authentic and beautiful moments.

Our packages include 8 and 10-hour coverage options with film inclusives and optional add-ons, starting at $4000. Let us help make your memories last a lifetime.

35mm film

Embracing the timeless allure of film, it remains my preferred medium to infuse wedding galleries with a distinct charm.

Each film photo carries a nostalgic weight, transporting me back to hazy, romanticised memories of the past—the chill in the air, the overwhelming joy in my heart, or the wide grins from a memorable night out.

I provide both film add-ons and film-only coverage days because choice matters. Why settle for anything less than the opportunity to capture your day in the most authentic and unforgettable way?

love on film

Rach, seriously, you are so incredible at what you do. We had not one doubt you would be an amazing photographer for our wedding and boy, were we right.

Anabela & Nathan

"We are completely obsessed with all the photos!" 

1 / 3

You were so great to work with, made us feel so comfortable and reminded us to savour the moment/be present which was so needed. Thank you again ❤️

Rebekah & Jack

"Are you friggin kidding me? These photos are AMAZING." 

2 / 3

You have outdone yourself. We are absolutely blown away! We cannot thank you enough, they are incredible 😍 Take a bow! We couldn't wait to post these!!

Piuli & Jarrod

"Rach! We are speechless! We're freaking out and posting!"

3 / 3

Intentional details

Personalised embroidery

Understated luxury




Analogue colourings


Natural lighting


Ready to see what we're like? Let's connect!

We're known for being super friendly AND creating magazine-worthy imagery, so you don't have to choose ❤️